We finished our journey around the Bieszczady mountains in Polańczyk, a lovely small resort near the Solińskie lake. Although by most of the tourists it is town Solina which tends to be chosen over Polańczyk, we decided to go for the calmer and less cheesy place.

Polańczyk is famous for its sanatoriums- looking at their elderly guests, we sometimes had a feeling they were the more energized ones. Some relax after three days of hiking is what we came to Polańczyk for.

The scenery around Polańczyk is truly breathtaking. Situated on a hill, Polańczyk overlooks the lake and its many islands, offering great spots for contemplating or photo shoots. From one of the viewing points it seemed as if the lake had been there forever, yet the truth is it was only created some 50 years ago. All of the sudden, we started thinking- how does one actually ‘make’ a lake?

The sources we came across state this area was always too hilly for some efficient agriculture, yet too flat to attract serious tourism. The river San needed some regulating as well, as its waters regularly flooded and destroyed villages located at the San’s banks. The project had already been considered before World War Two, yet it only came to light in the 60’s.

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The villages in the region had been heavily destroyed during the war, while whatever and whoever was left in the valley was evacuated to a safer place. It took 9 years and 2000 people to build the dam on the river and arrange the space for the new Solińskie lake.

Interestingly, the climate of the area has changed to milder as a result of this construction. We decided to test and enjoy it and so, we headed off for a relaxed walk along the shore, wading through water. The temperature was perfect and cool water brought relief to our feet. Numerous bays surprised us with their tranquility and sense of privacy.

This lake is a perfect place for some water sports, ranging from swimming, through kayaking and sailing, while the hills around it provide for countless walking or Nordic walking paths. The Nelson Bay (Zatoka Nelsona), right behind the Zdrojowy Park was definitely the greatest highlight of our stay.

Intensely green, calm and soothing, empty, with just the birds as an accompaniment to the beautiful sunset. A real germ!

Relaxed and fed with some delicious regional food, we felt re-energized and ready to wake up early in the morning for the amazing sunrise- which was totally worth the effort!

GETTING THERE: By car or by bus- there are regular direct bus connections from Rzeszów and Sanok (1.5hrs). You can stay at a number of private apartments or in a hotel.

This is just a brief summary of the PL language version, focusing on key information. We are happy to elaborate upon it, share insiders’ tips, advise- just shoot a comment or an email and we’ll be happy to assist you in exploring Poland!

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