Rakowicki Cemetery in Kraków

Cmentarz Rakowicki w Krakowie jesienią

Visits to old cemeteries rarely make it to a standard bucket list of a tourist who often needs to prioritize under  certain time pressure. However, it is sometimes worth making an exception and heading to one of the old burial place, for instance in Cracow. Rakowicki Cemetery is the biggest, yet not the oldest one … Czytaj dalej

Museum of Folk Architecture in Sanok

skansen w Sanoku

The visit to the Museum of Folk Architecture in Sanok (skansen, meaning an open-air museum) was the last stop on our journey in the podkarpackie region (full route described here). Our expectations were set really high- on our way we passed many old cemeteries, some remains of original wooden houses, we read about the post-war … Czytaj dalej


We finished our journey around the Bieszczady mountains in Polańczyk, a lovely small resort near the Solińskie lake. Although by most of the tourists it is town Solina which tends to be chosen over Polańczyk, we decided to go for the calmer and less cheesy place. Polańczyk is famous for its sanatoriums- looking at their … Czytaj dalej


On one of those not-so-special autumn days, we decided to go for a walk to Lanckorona and Kalwaria Zebrzydowska- two towns around 40km away from Kraków. What was meant to be a relaxing walk after some strenuous workout the day before, turned out to be quite a day-long activity, yet with many interesting cultural elements. … Czytaj dalej


In Norway they say there is no such thing like bad weather, only bad clothing. No wonder they stick to this mantra, otherwise their life would be very much limited to a comfy sofa in front of a fire place. We decided to apply this wisdom and go hiking in the Tatra mountains in early … Czytaj dalej



Today we would like to present our suggestion for a 5-day trip into the Bieszczady mountains. We put this plan into life early June, making smart use of some public holidays. The timing worked well for us, with just a few tourists around and surprisingly sunny weather. We are happy to have created a diverse … Czytaj dalej


If you happen to visit the Ojców National Pak, be it for a trip around the famous Ojców caves (some you can actually enter- do so!), a one-day hike on one of the many trails or just for a lazy walk along the Prądnik river- beware!  Not only is Ojców  the most obvious escape destination … Czytaj dalej